ISTQB Accreditation
Training providers wishing to advertise their courses as being ISTQB compliant must pass an accreditation process which is designed to ensure that:

  • Training materials conform with the current syllabi
  • Trainers have relevant experience and skills in both software testing and training
  • Organisations have access to facilities adequate for delivering training.

VTB welcomes applications for accreditation and provides support in the application process.


Benefits of ISTQB Accreditation

  • The benefits of ISTQB accreditation for a company include:
  • The company will be authorised to use both the “ISTQB Accredited Training Provider” and/or “ISTQB Accredited Training Materials” logos advertise its courseware.
  • The company’s logo and contact details will be included on the Accredited Training Providers page of the VTB website
  • The company will be entitled to book VTB invigilators for in-house exams
  • The company will be kept up-to-date with developments in software testing through regular communications from VTB
    Potential customers will be directed to accredited training providers
  • Support and assistance from the VTB