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Our Vision

To support professional testing in the Vietnam region through the provision of accreditation services and the establishment of high quality examination processes.

Our Functions

VTB is the regional body representing and supporting software testing professionals in Vietnam.

The VTB was constituted in Vietnam in July 2007 as  a member of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

In conjunction with the ISTQB, the VTB is responsible for providing a consistent trusted accreditation system for the education and training of professional testers.  VTB is responsible for certification of testing professionals to the standards and syllabi laid down by the ISTQB.

VTB supports members from all areas of the software testing industry. Our Board aims to support the IT Industry in elevating software testing from art form to engineering discipline.

VTB offers:

  • Accreditation and on-going audit of training providers to supply courses which meet the ISTQB’s syllabi.
  • Facilitation of certification of individuals according to ISTQB standards.
  • Promotion of testing as a worthwhile career path for IT testing professionals throughout Vietnam