ISTQB Accreditation

Training providers wishing to advertise their courses as being ISTQB compliant must pass an accreditation process which is designed to ensure that:

  • Training materials conform with the current syllabi
  • Trainers have relevant experience and skills in both software testing and training
  • Organisations have access to facilities adequate for delivering training.

VTB welcomes applications for accreditation and provides support in the application process.

Benefits of ISTQB Accreditation

  • The benefits of ISTQB accreditation for a company include:
  • The company will be authorised to use both the “ISTQB Accredited Training Provider” and/or “ISTQB Accredited Training Materials” logos advertise its courseware.
  • The company’s logo and contact details will be included on the Accredited Training Providers page of the VTB website
  • The company will be entitled to book VTB invigilators for in-house exams
  • The company will be kept up-to-date with developments in software testing through regular communications from VTB
    Potential customers will be directed to accredited training providers
  • Support and assistance from the VTB

Accreditation Levels

There are three levels of accreditation, which are described below.

Company Accreditation (mandatory)
One-time cost cost: $2,500

Courseware Accreditation

  • Initial cost: $2,500 included Tax
  • Renewal: $1,500 Included Tax (due every syllabus change)
    * Note that these fees apply per module and fees are to be paid prior to the courseware being evaluated.

If a training provider’s courseware fails accreditation and they resubmit their materials, they will be charged a further $500 included Tax for re-assessment.

Organisations seeking courseware accreditation must submit their materials, slides and exercises to the VTB for review and appraisal.

Training providers must use accredited material.

If a training provider has courseware which is already licensed by another ISTQB® exam provider or national board of the ISTQB®, then the VTB will recognize this accreditation and no courseware accreditation fees will be payable. (This is common for training providers who re-license materials from another training provider).

*Note that documentary evidence must be sighted by the Accreditation Team and a short site visit will take place.

Trainer Accreditation
Cost: No charge

Trainers seeking accreditation must submit evidence to the VTB of their:

  • Qualification in the course they plan to teach
  • Experience in software testing relevant to the areas they plan to teach
  • Competence in being able to deliver training, build rapport, communicate with groups, and impart learning.

Applying for ISTQB® Accreditation

The submission form and details of the accreditation process are available at end of this page.

Materials may be submitted in hard or soft copy and should include:

  • Slide-decks
  • Student manuals and exercises
  • Instructor notes
  • A course timetable showing the duration of each topic
  • A cross reference table showing where each syllabus learning objective is covered in the learning materials (i.e. slides and manual). Note that a blank cross reference table containing the syllabus requirements may be obtained from VTB on request.

All items submitted to VTB will be retained by the VTB President and held in confidence.

If you have any queries about the process, or need assistance, please e-mail our friendly Accreditation Team on [email protected]


All course materials and examinations are in English.


Re-accreditation may be necessary under the following circumstances:

  • Expiry of the three year term. In this case re-accreditation will be charged at the current re-accreditation rate. The Training Provider will be required to provide an up to date copy of their materials to VTB.
  • Changes made to the courseware by the Training Provider. If any changes (other than minor cosmetic modifications) are made to the courseware, the Training Provider must resubmit the material for re-accreditation. This will be charged at the normal re-accreditation rate.
  • New version of syllabus released. When syllabi are updated, Training Providers will be notified prior to release and provided with guidance.

Note that if a Training Provider’s accreditation lapses, they will be treated as an initial applicant and charged accordingly.