Certified AI Tester

Certified AI Tester course is for a tester who want to develop their testing skills in the test automation for an Artificial Intelligence project. This course will teach you how AI-assisted test automation can transform the UI. This course will also teach you Artificial Intelligence and it’s relationship with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science. After you have completed this course you should be able to build test automation projects for your company’s applications using Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence systems.

Target Audience

Certified AI Tester is designed for:

  • Testers of any level who are or will be working on AI project.
  • Testers wanting to improve their knowledge of testing an AI systems.
  • Testers seeking a general understanding of AI testing.


There are no prerequisites for this AI Tester certification training course, so everyone is able to attend. There is no pre-course reading. Previous relevant experiences is nice to have.


1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
1.1 Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
1.2 History of AI
1.3 Symbolic and Sub-symbolic AI
1.4 Machine Learning Algorithms
1.5 Applications and Limits of AI
1.6 Data Science

2. Testing Artificial Intelligence Systems
2.1 General problems with testing AI systems
2.2 Machine Learning model testing
2.3 AI test environments
2.4 Strategies to test AI-based Systems
2.5 Metrics for testing AI-based Systems

3. Software testing using Artificial Intelligence
3.1 AI in Software Testing
3.2 Applying to testing tasks and quality management
3.3 AI in Component Level Test Automation
3.4 AI in Integration Level or System Level Test Automation
3.5 AI-based Tool Support for testing

4. DevOps Automation for Artificial Intelligence
4.1 AI-enabled automated testing in DevOps
4.2 Automated DevOps process improvement
4.3 AI in DevOps quality assurance and control
4.4 AI for DevOps Automation software stacks
4.5 The future of AI and DevOps Automation

Exam Details

Participants need to sit the Certified AI Tester Exam order to acquire the certification. The exam format is outlined below:

  • 40 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Closed book
  • Duration : 1 Hour (1 Hour + 15 Minutes for participants whose first language is not English) 

Participants need to achieve 65% in order to pass the examination