ISTQB Expert – Improving The Test Process™

ISTQB EXPERT – IMPROVING THE TEST PROCESS training course teaches delegates the essential specialist knowledge they need to become effective Test Consultant and Test Manager

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Lead a program to improve the test process, identify critical success factors and manage them
  • Take the right business driven decisions about the approach to improving the test process
  • Stepwise implementation of test process improvements, linked to the intended business objectives
  • Analyse specific problems in deployment of the test improvement process, also taking the (inter) people skills into account.

Business Objectives

The expert test process improver is able to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Lead programs for improving the testing process within an organization or project and can identify and manage critical success factors
  • Take appropriate business-driven decisions on how to approach improvement to the test process
  • Assess the current status of a test process, propose step-wise improvements and show how these are linked to achieving business goals
  • Set up a strategic policy for improving the testing process and implement that policy
  • Analyze specific problems with the test process and propose effective solutions
  • Create a test improvement plan which meets business objectives
  • Develop organizationals concepts for improvement of the test process which include required roles, skills and organizational structure
  • Establish a standard process for implementing improvement to the test process within an organization
  • Manage the introduction of changes to the test process, including co-operation with the sponsors of improvements
  • Understand and effectively manage the human issues associated with assessing the test process and implementing necessary changes


It is recommended you meet the following prerequisites before attending this course and exam combination:

  • ISTQB Advanced Level Certificate for Test Manager

In order to achieve the Expert Level certification, you must also have:

  • an appropriate ISTQB Advanced Certificate
  • passed the Expert Level Exam
  • proven at least 5 years of practical testing experience
  • proven at least 2 years of industry experience in the specific Expert Level topic


Test Improvement Plan

  • Setting Priorities
  • Developing an improvement approach
  • Planning the improvements
  • Acting to implement improvement
  • Selecting a pilot
  • Manage and control the implementation
  • Learning from the Improvement Program

Managing Change

  • Fundamental Change Management Process
  • Human factors in the Change Management Process

Organization, Roles And Skills

  • Test process group and individual roles
  • Remote Test improvement
  • Skills of the improver: Interviewing, listening, and note taking

Organization, Roles And Skills (Continued)

  • Analytical skills
  • Presentation & reporting skills
  • Skills of persuation
  • Management skills

Critical Success Factors

  • Key success factors
  • Setting a culture for Improvement

Adapting To Different Life Cycle Models

Exam Details

During your course, you’ll sit the following exams to become Expert Level Improving the Test Process certified.

Duration: all exams are 2 hours 15 minutes long

Format: combination of both multiple choice (35 points) and essay questions (100 points)

Passing Score: you must achieve a minimum of 65% in each exam to pass